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Ladro x Closed Loop

Ladro sustainable restaurant, closed loop

Ladro is passionate about sustainability and has a zero organic waste policy. We recycle all our food waste, from chicken bones and carrot tops, to uneaten pizza crusts [who leaves the best bit?].
With two large Closed Loop bio-composters located in Fitzroy and Prahran, we recycle all our organic waste into usable garden fertiliser,  eliminating all our food waste from being dumped into landfill.


Customers can buy a bag [$2] or bucket [$5] anytime when when visiting Ladro or when ordering takeaway via Foodora.
BYO your own bucket and we will fill it up for you. Are you’re involved in a NFP community garden, school or organisation, or know an organisation needing compost, take as much as you like. We’re all about closing the loop at Ladro and giving back to the community. We no longer contribute useless organic waste to landfill. Instead, our waste is turned into useful compost fertiliser to make gardens grow food full of nutrients. Good for us, good for you, awesome for the planet.


Are you a local farmer? We would love to chat about exchanging compost for produce. We can give you cubic meters for goods we can use in the kitchen, herbs, vegetables, or anything you might have growing in your garden. Lets chat.

Find out more via the Stonnington Council where Ladro was used as a best practice case study.

Find us here to pick up some compost or dine at Ladro FITZROY  I  PRAHRAN


Ladro has incorporated many other sustainable practices into it’s restaurants. Here are a few including:
– Banning straws
– 100%  bio-degradable packaging
– Regular waste audits for all our waste products
– bottle minimisation via tap beverages in kegs; 18 in Prahran, for beer, wine, kombucha and mineral water
– we have many other initiatives on the go too…

Pizza Acadamy

Pizza classes for BIG or Small

Come and experience our Pizza Academy hosted by Ladro co-owner Ingrid and enjoy a 4 x course shared feast with unlimited vino [we make it ourselves], beer and soft drinks. All while making your own pizza dough and pizzas. Learn about our sustainable practices and all our pizza secrets!
The perfect activity for teams, work functions, birthdays, Christmas parties, families & friends.
We can arrange Pizza Academy at a time that suits you [and the wood-fired oven]!
Minimum of 8 guests.
Allow 2.5 hours.
$150 pp
4 x courses, unlimited beverages, pizza making class.
9510 2233

A unique hands on pizza making session where the kids learn all about making Ladro dough, ingredients and how their made, AND make their own pizzas. The session finishes with the kids sharing a feast with their delicious creations. Just organise a crew of kids aged 4-16 and we’ll do the rest! Birthdays welcome and we can arrange birthday bomboloni or exclusive cakes.
8-16 kids.
Allow 1.5 hours.
9510 2233


Feasting Menu


We’ve created a new feasting menu for groups who need to be in and out in a hurry or have a tighter budget. Maybe you’re seeing a show, going to the footy, want a quick lunch…Or you just don’t have time for a big feast. The Feed Me Menu 35 is the perfect menu for your get together. You can always add to it with our made to order cannoli or a few extra a la carte dishes.
Check it out here in Fitzroy & Prahran.

Want more information about our functions & events?

Ladro Fitzroy   I   224 Gertrude St Fitzroy   I   Book Here
Ladro Prahran   I   162 Greville St Prahran   I   Book Here


At Ladro we believe we have a responsibility to make sure we choose sustainable practices in our business. We could bore you with all the reasons that matter to us, but we reckon you’re probably on the same page.

So we now recycle 100% of our organic waste in a bio composting Closed Loop unit. [In Greville St + shortly in Gertrude St]. From chicken bones to carrot tops and eggs shells, in it goes! And now you’re able to take some of this super potent plant fertiliser home to use in your own garden…only $2 a bag. Be warned, your garden could resemble ‘The Day of The Triffids’…it really is powerful stuff. We’ve already donated some to Fitzroy Primary School + South Yarra Primary School for their veggie gardens and all reports are 2 green thumbs up!

We were also the very first restaurant 4 years ago to have a Rooftop Honey hive on our roof to make honey, now with a rocking 60,000 amazing bees on our roof. You’ve been eating our sweet honey for years…
Thanks to the great folks at DHMSCo we were also one of the very first restaurants in the country to use bottle-less mineral water via eco-kegs. We even make our own wine with the guidance of some of Australia’s best wine makers, pop it into kegs and serve it in carafes for you to enjoy reducing bottle wastage.
We also use only the most sustainable timber in our wood-fired ovens from The Green Centre.

Thanks to a little CSP shout out with Ingrid + Sean [co-owners] all the great stuff we do at Ladro is out there so you can not only eat delicious food but know that it has been made with love by people that care and sustainably.

See you soon at Ladro, Fitzroy + Prahran.