10 x 10 x 10 – #1 Truffle Dinner

Ingrid + Sean, original owners of Ladro, invite you to join them in celebrating 10 YEARS of Ladro! [They’re older than they look!!!]

They are planning a pretty awesome line up dinners [and some lunches] called 10 X 10 X 10 – yep, 10 feasts, each with 10 dishes, for 10 years of Ladro…all showcasing our favourite + best-est, ever-est producers and suppliers…yippeeee!

#1 is timed perfectly to showcase the fledgling truffle season in Australia…THE TRUFFLE FEAST.

TRUFFLES by the awesome Truffle Hound
VINO by the ever cool Distillery Works

Be sure to book early as when you’re paying $2500 a kg for truffles, this 10 dish feast is a bargain and places are limited.


 9510 2233